hi welcome...... i made this site to host links and info. i draw and i am an aspiring game dev ^_^

twitter (zanzibarland)tumblr (khvatka)instagram (otselotovaya) ⌖ my discord is @otselotovaya. feel free to talk to me i love making friends...

i block very freely. proshippers, terfs, discourse (lgbt or otherwise), true crime freaks + zero day weirdos fuck off. no weird freaky deaky genuinely depraved shit on my page lest you end up on my pottery wheel

i like: metal gear solid, resident evil, postal, valve (half-life, tf2, portal, etc), industrial metal, coding (htmlcss), jerma985, meteorology (mainly tornadoes), rdr2, fight club, etc.

i am nivek ogres #1 fan

adam+ 16 he/her+

tma intersex taken


rivethead cowboy

mgs server (wip)