frequently asked questions

Q: can i use your art as an icon/in an edit/etc?

A: yes, just please credit me! if you make an edit, tag me, cuz i want to see it and share it. unless it's an edit to an MSI song or something. in that case delete it

Q: what do you use to draw?

A: IPAD PRO 12.9 + APPLE PENCIL + CLIP STUDIO PAINT. most of my older work (before july 2023) was done using the app PROCREATE.

Q: what brushes do you use?

A: i change brushes a lot, so different pieces may use different brushes. feel free to dm me a specific piece of mine and i can tell you what i used! for textures, i use TRUE GRIT TEXTURE SUPPLY.

Q: what were your past usernames?

A: i've changed usernames a lot over the years, i don't even remember some of them. my most prominent username was IMGETTINGSCARED, when i was mostly a resident evil artist